Port of Ferrol

The volume of port operations for Pérez Torres, established in the port of Ferrol since 1964, has increased each year, with a decided effort to give clients the best service. Acting as shipping agents for all types of vessels, the company covers all the needs of shipowners, charterers, masters, captains, etc., managing the necessary documents for the swift, efficient dispatch of vessels and the goods carried. As port operators, it performs operations of loading, discharging, transhipments, etc., of all kind of cargoes.

In the port of Ferrol, Pérez Torres Marítima has a machinery park that allows to perform every operation with an optimal level of efficiency and effectiveness as well as the correct care of the cargo. Loading and discharging of solid bulk, general, palletised, containerised cargo, etc. account for an annual turnover of several million tonnes handled. Special attention is given to operations, due to the particular handling characteristics, of its Forestry Products Terminal, (Paper Terminal), handling all types of vessels, conventional, side-port and Ro-Ro... through the Ro-Ro ramp of 160 ton capacity. Excellence in the logistics of this type of goods has meant that the Pérez Torres Terminal in the port of Ferrol now ranks as one of the most important in Spain.


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