Multi-purpose terminal in the port of Marín

The new Multi-purpose and Container Terminal, with a surface area of 100,000 m2, with 480 linear metres for mooring and 14 metres depth, and a plot of land for fitting out and deconsolidating/consolidating containers, warehouses, etc., along with equipment including 2 “Panamax” type portainer crains with a capacity of 45/53 tonnes and a 30 tonne overhead crane, reach-stacker machines, 65 tonne Terminal container-carrier platforms, frontal lifting machines, railway terminal with a 450x30 metre operating zone This allows the company to rank in the frontline for container traffic. Storage capacity in the yard is 3600 TEUs in 3 stacking heights.

The Terminal is currently fitted with 330 REEFER PLUGS.

The Port of Marín has a Border Inspection Point (BIP) located 50 metres from the Terminal.


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Multi-purpose terminal in the port of Marín
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